Nature Diaries from the Green Heart of Holland:

Here I present my personal Bird Diaries (Vogeldagboeken).
These are sent to (more than 29,100) nature lovers by e-mail once or two times a week.
My website is visited hundreds of times every day.

The Bird Diaries focus on birds, yet I write about everything I see and experience in nature.
My intention is to show people the beauty that is present in one of the most densely populated areas of the world.
What has always been preserved in this area is now seriously threatened by new development plans.

‘My spot’ is located on the western part of the so-called Green Heart of Holland,
an area between Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague.

It’s old peat-land. Peat-land was created by draining and reclaiming large marshy areas,
which today are used for grazing dairy cattle and sheep.
Under the lush grass, however, peat is still present.
In the west of Holland fields are more often separated by water-filled trenches or ditches than by barbed wire.

Peat digging was a widespread phenomenon in the past and as a result
the landscape sometimes shows a labyrinth of waterways and ponds among plots of farmland,
rivers and typical old-style Dutch villages.


The Bird Diaries are succinct summaries. Experiencing nature is more important for me than notching up species.
Of course, I like spotting rarities as they are the raisins in nature’s yoghurt.
On occasion I make trips to different nature areas, sometimes linked to a holiday.

After beginning the Bird Diaries in 1999 without pictures, I have been photographing more and more over the years.
This of course gives an extra dimension to my Vogeldagboeken: I try to capture everything I see.

As a former journalist it is in my blood to explain and clarify.
Often I provide additional descriptions of flora and fauna so that readers themselves can identify
the differences between male and female species, juveniles, summer feathers, etc.

Unfortunately, I cannot spare the time to translate the Bird Diaries into English.
With the pictures, I put in the English names as well, though.
Through the Zoeken/Search buttons the website can be searched
for English and scientific names of plants and animals.

Adri de Groot

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